Wisconsin State Genealogical Society

2014 Leaders Workshop Wrap Up

Thanks to all Society Leaders who Attended the Workshop!
  Society Leaders Workshop was held on September 20th, 2014 at the Erdmann Lobby & the Froehlke Auditorium in the Marshfield Clinic at 1000 N. Oak Avenue, Marshfield, WI.
The workshop was attended by not only affiliate members of WSGS but WSGS Board Members.  There was a presentation given by Donald Schnitzler "Your Society on FaceBook" which gave many good advantages of why your society should not only have a website but also a FaceBook page. 
Vicki Garro gave the presentation "Blogging: What Can You Learn?", where she stressed the importance of how you can use a blog as a webpage and its advantages.
Just before lunch Vickie Schnitzler gave a presentation about "Workshop or New Members", which gave information on how to set up a workshop for your society, things that you need to address and consider., including the advantage such as getting members.
The first activity after lunch started with a short presentation by Vickie Schnitzler on what needs to be in a set of Society By-laws.  Small break-out groups then used check-lists to evaluate numerous by that had been brought by attendees from their societies. 
The groups then evaluated Society Newsletters using another checklist.  The evaluations for the Newsletter and the Byl-laws were copied and sent to the respective societies. 
The last activity of the day was a Brickwall/Sharing session where societies present shared some of the projects they have been working on, concerns or just questions on how other groups handle certain problems that occur.  The notes from that session are provided here.
After the sessions, there was a short wrap up and door prizes were distributed.  All in all it was a great day of networking and sharing!  Hope to see you in a couple years when we do it all again!