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Upcoming Webinars

March 2024

10 Free Tools for Researching Your Polish Ancestors

  • Alina Khuda
  • Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM Central
  • Webinar Description: We aim to provide an overview of the archives, repositories, online databases and type of sources available in Poland to kickstart or to continue with your Polish ancestral research no matter what was the religion of your ancestor. We will discuss changes of borders, as it depends whether the resources for your ancestors can be found in Poland, or in the neighboring countries such as Ukraine or Belarus. We aim to cover online and onsite research opportunities. Case-study and tips/challenges will be provided. We aim to discuss the methodology and working research strategies how to research your ancestors in the Polish Archives. The audience can be well prepared to research in that geographic region and know what to expect while dealing with local archives. We will also build realistic expectations on what can be found, which sort of documents are public and private (and which can be accessed with a PoA).
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April 2024

Wisconsin in 1950 – Analysis & Findings from the 1950 Census

  • Presenter: Scott Norrick
  • Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM Central
  • Webinar Description: This presentation paints a picture of what life was like in 1950 Wisconsin as told through the stories captured in the 1950 census records.  It draws upon significant research on 35 Wisconsin counties.  Some of the more interesting data that will be covered includes: Birth and parent birth locations – this highlights immigration patterns that differ dramatically by community; Occupations – while there are some predominant industries from 1950 that are still around today, we will explore how many have shifted since 1950; Incomes – these differ dramatically between the cities and rural areas; Suburbs – this was the start of their growth, fueled by the end of WWII and the baby boom.  It was a dynamic time in the US and Wisconsin, and we will see how cultural and economic shifts reveal themselves in the 1950 Wisconsin census.
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May 2024

Ten Reasons Why History Resources Solve Our Genealogical Puzzles

  • Presenter: Paula Stuart-Warren
  • Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM Central
  • Webinar Description: Many of the answers we seek in our family history research can be solved with use of historical background and details. It could answer why your family moved to that new place, why they moved in a specific year, which church they attended, why they married in a different state, why they aren’t on a certain census, or what happened to Granduncle Elias..
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June 2024

Breathing New Life Into Your Boring Ancestors

  • Presenter: Melissa Barker
  • Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM Central
  • Webinar Description: There is no such thing as a boring ancestor! Many genealogists will say they have boring ancestors because they can’t find records or information for them. Learn from a seasoned genealogist and archivist how to locate records and information to bring those boring ancestors back to life!
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July 2024

Using U.S. Land Records in Genealogy

  • Presenter: Karen A. Fortin
  • Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM Central
  • Webinar Description: Land records are an important part of your genealogical toolkit. This presentation will provide an overview of common terms and concepts, explore how land records can help your research, and assist you in locating these valuable resources. The presentations will also share examples showing how to go from finding a deed to finding the land described in it on the modern landscape.
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August 2024

Mysterious Codes: Passenger Manifests Letters and Numbers

  • Presenter: Christine Cohen   
  • Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM Central
  • Webinar Description: What do those letters, numbers, stamps, and pencil marks mean on Immigration Passenger Manifests? Does your ancestor have the letter "D" or "X" next to their name? Do you know what V/L, # 404, USB, Transit, CL, N.O.B, C/A, LPC, SI, NQIV, BSI, PV or C-XXXXX mean? We will learn if and when to contact the US National Archives or USCIS to get more genealogical information from these codes.  Plus what insight we can learn about your ancestor's immigration experience based on these notations.
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September 2024

The Art of Slow Genealogy

  • Presenter: Tara Shymanski
  • Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM Central
  • Webinar Description: Are you a genealogy tortoise or a hare? The hare rushes to find new documents and add to its tree but genealogy tortoises slow down create more accurate, thorough family trees. This method suggests ways to slow down by using a research log to enter all your findings, reading and transcribing records, citing your sources, analyze the records. As you slow down and consider each finding you will build a more accurate family history
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October 2024

Navigating Maritime Internet Research Resources: Uncovering Wisconsin's Seafaring

  • Presenter: Peter McCracken
  • Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM Central
  • Webinar Description: Navigate Wisconsin's maritime history with Peter McCracken, co-founder of This webinar unveils the significant role of maritime resources in understanding migration and economic patterns, and how these enrich genealogical research. McCracken will demonstrate how to uncover ship records and personal narratives using and various online tools. Beyond, the journey expands to include strategies for comprehensive maritime research, ensuring a full exploration of your ancestors' seafaring histories. Concluding with a Q&A, this session is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of maritime history and broaden your genealogical toolkit. Join us to set sail into the past and discover your history like never before.
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November 2024

400,000 German POWs in the U.S.: How did they affect your community and family?

  • Presenter: Mary Risseeuw
  • Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM Central
  • Webinar Description: For millions of rural Americans, farmers and owners of small businesses, POW labor was a life-saver for a country where a labor shortage had been created by the war.  Abandoned Civilian Conservation Corps camps built during the Depression were the sites of the first camps as boat loads of German POWs were brought to the U.S.  There were over 700 camps established throughout the country.  This had a huge affect on the communities where these camps were located.  The stories of the interactions between prisoners and civilians and their impact were not talked about for decades.  The stories are still being uncovered.
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December 2024

The American Revolution Beyond the US: French Canadian Patriots

  • Presenter: Bryna O’Sullivan
  • Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM Central
  • Webinar Description: The battle for control of the American colonies went beyond the current US colonies and into what we now know as Canada. This presentation will introduce the history of the French Canadian patriot and describe how to document their service
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